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At Landtrust Title Services it’s all about the relationship. Our empowered title services team encourages responsive underwriting and provides a single point of contact to keep your deal moving so it’s delivered on time, regardless of complexity. We partner with you, align with your goals, and provide a seamless process to ensure a smooth transaction.

About Us

At Landtrust, we’re different. We’re customer-obsessed and focus on what you need from start to finish. We strive to deliver service excellence for every real estate transaction, in addition to providing you with the tools and support you need to grow your business.

Landtrust Title was established to fulfill the growing need for partnerships that provide higher service standards and growth opportunities in the title insurance and escrow services industry.

Proudly serving the Illinois, Wisconsin and Florida markets, Landtrust has become one of the fastest growing title agencies by providing outstanding service and operational excellence to attorneys, REALTORS, financial institutions, and affiliated real estate businesses.


“Shameka is a great closer! Does a good job with keeping the buyers (and attorney) updated on what the lender is doing, etc. Very pleasant personality.”

-Daniel F., Attorney

“Another smooth and efficient close by Landtrust Title!”

-Mary S., Attorney

“Very quick and efficient closing”

-Christine P., Attorney

“Fantastic closing experience and Jackie G. was a great help.”

-Vince A., Attorney

“Very efficient service!”

-Jackie P., Agent

“Great service. Good people to work with.”

-Paul B., Attorney

“Karyn is wonderful to work with, very patient and filled with knowledge.”

-Danielle M., Agent

“Lori was very friendly and closing went very quickly!”

-Christine E., Agent

“Excellent as always. Thank you for a wonderful closing experience.”

-Nancy M., Agent

“Katie did an amazing job. Very accommodating!”

-Gerrit G., Agent

“Very smooth and seamless.”

-Karen D., Agent

“Our closer, Janice was very experienced and patient. She helped us deal with unexpected problems during the closing. Carmen, our coordinator was fantastic, accommodating our closing and following up on every detail.”

-Maria C., Attorney

“Stephanie was great as always. Our closings are never easy or straightforward but Stephanie is always the consumate professional. Always on top of everything, never misses a detail and when issues arise she always finds the solution. Love having Stephanie as my closer, makes me feel assured that nothing will be missed or overlooked. Always appreciate her patience in dealing with the tricky transactions that are the norm for our firm.”

-Adil M., Attorney

“Always a top notch closing! Beginning with ease of ordering client title, seamless all the way through to close, and Candace traveling wherever the closing is is such a bonus! Candace is always prepared, on time, and handles the closing with clients timely and informatively and with her finesse and care to our clients and the entire team!”

-Carolyn S., Agent

“Accessible location and Sindy was great!”

-Charles H., Attorney

“Our closer Amy was very efficient and friendly.”

-Chinonyerem O., Agent

“Shameka did a phenomenal job closing a difficult sale due to buyers’ lender not being ready to go. Shameka always does an amazing job during our closings!”

-Joshua R., Attorney

“Good experience. Went smoothly.”

-Catherine S., Agent

“Amazing closer, very patient and polite.”

-Tim A., Attorney

“Shameka’s professionalism and efficiency were evident from the moment we engaged with her. She navigated the complexities of the closing process with ease, ensuring that all legal and administrative aspects were handled meticulously. As a real estate agent, I deeply appreciated Shameka’s attention to detail and her commitment to ensuring a seamless transaction.”

-Jennifer C., Agent

“It was very fluid. The employees were extremely friendly and organized. Felt very welcoming.”

-Christopher P., Agent

“Fast service on the initial order and good communication from closing. Appreciate the help.”

-Christopher J., Lender

“Everything went smoothly.”

-William R., Attorney

“The closer was an amazing professional. Her experience really showed. It was a very difficult closing but not on her part. Thank you so much for the amazing service!”

-Jose R., Agent

“Carmen is the best! We had an issue with the 1031 exchange and she made a phone call and we were all set.”

-Carmen C., Agent

“Candace and Landtrust always do a fantastic job.”

-Claudio L., Lender

“Always happy with my service. Karyn is the best! Closers are professional and make the closings for my clients seamless.”

-Lynn B., Agent

“Always efficient and polite.”

-Nancy M., Agent

“Closer was amazing! She was friendly and attentive and was on top of her game.”

-Lissette R., Agent

“The closer was very professional and efficient!”

-Ricky F., Agent

“Very nice staff, quick with the transaction, and they emailed me before, during and after the closing with updates!”

-Cori M., Agent

“Our closer, Jordan, made everything go easy and also an excellent process from beginning to end generally as well.”

-Vincent A., Attorney

“Candace and Karyn are always so professional. It’s always a pleasure to work with the Landtrust closing team.”

-Shevon J., Agent

“Everything was great!”

-Everardo R., Agent

“Everything was smooth and easy!”

-Michael W., Agent

“Everything was great…customer service, legal, title. Everyone was easy to work with.”

-Kelly Z., Attorney

“Beautiful building, very pleasant people in the office, very efficient and accommodating. Was an excellent experience.”

-Denise H., Agent

“Thank you Landtrust for always getting the job done!”

-Jaqueline D., Agent

“Landtrust is always great!”

-Brittany C., Paralegal

“All communication with Landtrust prior and during closing is efficient and designed to guide you to and through a smooth closing process. Everyone is friendly, professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks Landtrust for another great close.”

-Mary S., Attorney

“It was a quick, seamless process! Everyone was knowledgeable and friendly!”

-Carol M., Agent

“Professional, responsive, and courteous.”

-Timothy F., Attorney

“I always love closing with Landtrust. The entire team is responsive and pleasant.”

-Jill D., Attorney

“Carmen and the whole Landtrust team were excellent. Professional, friendly, timely, and helpful. They made every step of the closing smooth and seamless.”

-Betty D., Attorney

“Prepared and professional.”

-Beata B., Attorney

“Good closing, good closer.”

-Marc S., Attorney

“Landtrust was very cooperative, accommodating, and helpful. Thank you so much!”

-Glenna D., Attorney

“Best title company!”

-Esai M., Agent

“I am writing to express my utmost satisfaction and gratitude for the exceptional service provided by Ania, the Executive Account Manager at Landtrust Title Services. Her dedication, professionalism, and expertise truly stood out. Ania demonstrated a deep understanding of the intricacies involved in the closing process, ensuring that every aspect was handled with precision and efficiency. Her attention to detail and proactive approach were instrumental in navigating potential challenges, and she consistently communicated updates and milestones to both myself and my client. This level of transparency and communication greatly contributed to a seamless and stress-free closing experience. Furthermore, Ania’s commitment to providing excellent customer service was evident throughout the entire process. She went above and beyond to address any concerns, promptly respond to inquiries, and ensure that all necessary documentation was in order. Her willingness to go the extra mile not only impressed me but also left a positive and lasting impression on my client. Her dedication to excellence and commitment to client satisfaction set her apart in the industry, and I am confident that she will continue to exceed expectations in her role.”

-Gabriela C., Agent

“This was a very stressful transaction in many ways but with Landtrust as a partner it ended smoothly. Landtrust was able to get this closing scheduled at the last minute and Maria handled these issues very professionally kept me informed throughout the closing. I highly recommend Landtrust Title Services.”

-Cassie P., Agent

“Closer Shamika B. and Landtrust always do a great job on my closings. Thank you for everything!”

-Mary S., Attorney

“Excellent closing experience from the beginning of the process with Carmen to the end with our closer, Karina.”

-Vince A., Attorney

“Ania P. and Andrea T. went above and beyond to address the file ahead of the normal course of business. They were able to release closing documents ahead of schedule, providing me time to discuss figures etc. with a challenging client. Thank you again!”

-Vasili E., Attorney

“Always a pleasure to close with Landtrust!”

-Michelle M., Paralegal

“The closer was great!!! Good character!!!”

-Lilia L., Agent

“The staff was very hospitable. Thank you very much”

-Donna S., Agent

“Very good communications, Closer was very helpful and competent.”

-Dave S., Attorney

“Jordan, our closer, was fantastic. Great closing experience from beginning to end.”

-Vince A., Attorney

“One of the best title companies I’ve had the pleasure of working with.”

-Petra P., Lender

“Landtrust always has great customer service, responding to all questions and requests timely and in a positive manner.I LOVE that the closer reached out to me in advance for an introduction and a way to communicate in the event I had questions. She also reached out immediately after to convey the results and send necessary documents to me digitally. THEN, as if that wasn’t enough, your company had the commission check brought to my next closing at another title company so I didn’t have to make an extra stop (same attorney, different title companies). Talk about removing the obstacles to make my job easier! You hit it out of the park.”

-Rhonda S., Agent

“Landtrust always has great customer service, responding to all questions and requests timely and in a positive manner.”

-Kevin S., Attorney

“Well prepared along every step. Great communication with me as the buyers agent and my clients. Great job.”

-Kenny J., Agent

“I had 3 days from the time I received the contract to closing to put the deal together. The property was about to be forfeited for taxes. Brian M., Craig L., and Stephanie S. pulled title together and made headaches disappear. We started on Tuesday at 2 pm and finished closing at 4:55 pm on Friday. Thank you.”

-Mark G., Attorney

“Denise our closer was awesome. Great communication. Highly recommend.”

-Mark F., Agent

“Great experience and very thorough!”

-Ann G., Agent

“Shameka was amazing! We had a 4 hour closing due to a difficult lender! She was persistent, thought ahead what they might ask for and kept the buyers, myself and their REALTOR updated throughout. The best part is her fun and positive personality.”

-Joann C., Agent

Closer was on time, explained everything well and was very kind. Always a good experience at Landtrust Title!”

-Jodi T., Agent

“I was absolutely impressed that the closer assigned to my deal reached out the day before to introduce herself and find out if I had any questions. This has never happened before and I’ve been in the industry for a decade. Talk about above and beyond!”

-Rhonda S., Agent

“Entire team from clearance to closer is efficient, effective and pleasant to work with. They make my “job” easy and my closings smooth.”

-Kelly K., Attorney

“Excellent closers. Very helpful and patient staff. Able to accommodate last minute closing scheduling change.”

-Christine P., Attorney

“Easiest closing I have ever experienced. Wow!”

-Alina L., Agent

“Everything went as planned and you can’t ask for better than that! Thank you.”

-Nancy M., Agent

“Thorough, quick and complete. Great experience!”

-Joe S., Agent

“Great Staff and attention to details!”

-Lynn D., Attorney

“The closer today was awesome!”

-Eron M., Attorney

“The staff is fabulous at communicating and prompt in their response time.”

-Jennifer C., Agent

“Awesome quick close!”

-Angela G., Agent

“My closer was a rock star. Would definitely recommend your title company.”

-Anthony B., Attorney

“As always, it’s such a pleasure to work with a title company that understands your needs and helps in all ways possible. Keep doing what your doing!”

-Jodi B., Lender

“Landtrust always over delivers, they are awesome!”

-Carolyn S., Agent

“The team is the best in the business!”

-Harry B, Attorney

“Landtrust is a great title company!!!”

-Ryan S., Lender

“Shameka was great, and I enjoy Carmen’s constant attention seeking to make the experience better.”

-Joshua R., Attorney

“Landtrust closings continue to impress me. The entire team, the entire process is seamless and pleasant. They make my job ten times easier!”

-Kelly K., Attorney

“Working with Landtrust is such a breeze. They are very responsive and cooperating with all parties involved in the transaction and ensuring everyone is informed and happy. Highly recommended.”

-Gabriela C., Agent

“Always a great experience! Candace and Karyn are always very attentive and helpful, and always calmly get our clients to the closing table efficiently! Always informative, on time, and quick closing time for our clients!”

-Carolyn S., Agent

“Thanks to Deb, Andrea and Brandon. We had a wonky typo in our really old mortgage release and they found a reasonable solution to make my clients’ lives much less stressful. As always, the coordinating team is the best in the biz (all mistakes on the draft statements were 100% mine) and Shameka is a great closer. She made the buyers and their attorney comfortable and welcome. Another great experience all around.”

-Rebecca L., Attorney

“Things happen. It comes with the territory in this business. Having a closer to keep their cool, solve problems, and do it with a smile is a GOD SEND! Our closer at Landtrust today was absolutely refreshing! She was kind and efficient. She also stayed well past closing time to solve our clients issues. Excellent work and culture at Landtrust!”

-Ronald T., Agent

“Everyone was extremely nice, professional and efficient. Will use again and again!”

-Kristin G., Agent

“Everything went extremely smooth, staff was very friendly and helpful with all my buyers questions.”

-Julianne D., Agent

“We had a complicated sell side closing- foreclosure, IRS liens, divorce on seller side. Difficult buy side issues. And a close in 21 days! The Landtrust team helped us every single step of the way. This closing would never have happened without this amazing team – especially Alison.”

-Kelly K., Attorney

“Problems at last minute and Denise got on the phone at 7:00 PM to rectify and it closed next morning!! She saved the day and after hours!”

-Susan C., Agent

“Very smooth and non eventful, just like I like them.”

-Arrick P., Agent

“You guys are just the best. Pre-signing onsite with clients helps so much.”

-Jeffrey T., Agent

“The closer was wonderful and did a great job. The closing went smoothly.”

-Bruce F, Attorney

“Professional service, while maintaining attention to detail and down to earth friendly experience.”

-Maria C, Agent

“Top notch service, closer Shameka was fun and very positive. We had a great experience, thank you Landtrust!”

-Joseph L., Agent

“Working with Landtrust Title is great. It’s always a smooth process with Landtrust doing the title work. The customer service is as good as it gets!”

-Michael A., Attorney

“Complete communication with all parties involved, on top of the deal and file.”

-Steven P., Agent

“Landtrust Title never disappoints! Always first-class service and a pleasure working with everyone at Landtrust Title.”

-Jodi B., Lender

“The process was handled quickly, professionally and well.”

-Peaches D., Agent

“Closer was well prepared and efficient with the paperwork and getting the deal closed.”

-John S., Attorney

“Everything was handled in a timely manner. Very responsive and it was a wonderful closing and my clients were very happy.”

-Tammy I., Agent

“Our Closer Shameka and our title representative Ania were especially helpful in all respects. I was impressed with the professionalism of everyone involved in the process.”

-Matthew B., Attorney

“The entire team from Carmen, John and Andrea to Jessica and the rest all provided top-notch services.”

-Vincent A., Attorney

“The closer was terrific at handling the inconveniences. Thank you!!”

-Eduardo C., Agent

“Shameka the closer was AWESOME!”

-Jaime S., Attorney

“Candace did a great job mediating a difficult close.”

-Tyler V., Agent

“Karyn did a great job for a last minute closing and, as usual, Candace did a great job!”

-Claudio L., Lender

“Staff is very flexible and easy to work with.”

-Kevin S., Attorney

“Quick, efficient and very hospitable.”

-Caprice S., Agent

“Landtrust was efficient and communicated well with all parties involved in the real estate transaction. Thank you.”

-Vickie F., Agent

“Amy is the best! She’s always friendly and prepared!”

-Bonnie K., Attorney

“Love Karyn! She is my go to Title Officer. No one knows the title business better.
All of my closings with Landtrust have been seamless.”

-Lynn R., Agent

“Always a pleasure to work with Landtrust Title. Great communication!”

-Jodi B., Lender

“Very smooth seamless transaction. Look forward to working with Landtrust in the future.”

-Mike T., Agent

“Fast, professional, accommodating service.”

-Arlette P., Attorney

“Excellent communication and efficiency! A smooth closing!”

-Stella S., Agent

“Landtrust always responds and helps when needed. They are always extremely professional.”

-Cristino A., Agent

“I am looking forward to more transactions with Landtrust this year. Your teams are so helpful and friendly and have worked through some complicated closings with grace and unparalleled competence. Thank you, so much for all that you do!”

-Joe C., Attorney

“Candace with Landtrust Title is absolutely the most enjoyable and professional closer one could have in the industry. She is extremely well versed, explaining each and every document with efficiency and clarity to all parties involved. An industry pro who can make everyone at the table feel as educated as herself! Will continue to recommend!”

-Tyler V., Agent

“Landtrust goes the extra mile to assist and accommodate us with closings, we appreciate their team!”

-Michelle J., Paralegal

“Your closer Shameka went above and beyond the norm for my client. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that kind of professionalism and devotion to one’s position. I look forward to working with Shameka again in the near future.”

-Roseann T., Agent

“I thought the closing office, location and the closer were all excellent.”

-James V., Attorney

“I always enjoy working with Landtrust, regardless or the location. Always a nice experience. Nice offices and quick, efficient closings.”

-Jack D., Agent

“Everyone was friendly and went out of their to help me after my surgery. The closing agent was very helpful for my buyers and was able to keep the appointment flowing very easily.”

-Kevin A., Agent

“Everything was great!”

-Mario H., Agent

“The closing was very smooth and professional.”

-Paul B., Attorney

“Karyn was very thorough and helpful.”

-Candi K., Agent

“Our closer Gayle was fantastic and more patient than a saint, and Andrea and the whole clearance team went above and beyond under extraordinary circumstances.”

-Vincent A., Attorney

“Lori is great. She is always on top of things. This closing went very smoothly.”

-Kate D., Attorney

“Another super professional closing.”

-Paul B., Attorney

“Closer was very professional and accommodating.”

– Jeff B., Attorney

“Teresa did a fabulous job closing. She needed to put in a bit of extra effort and did so without any hesitation to bring this to a smooth close. Way to go!”

– Mary S., Attorney

“Our closer, Shameka, was wonderful! Very professional, yet personable. Knew what she was doing and put the buyer at ease.”

– Debbie T., Agent

“Our closer was great, everything was very efficient.”

– Joseph A., Attorney

“Stephanie did a great job with the closing. Seamless, organized and quick!”

– Eileen P., Attorney

“Jolanta and Ryan made the entire closing smooth and efficient. I could tell that they really looked over the documents that we sent them before the closing and also communicated with us throughout the closing. When an issue popped up at the end, they addressed it quickly and easily.”

– Kate D., Attorney

“Accurate and professional.”

– Van H., Agent

“Landtrust has excellent customer service and communications and works with us to take care of our clients’ needs.”

– Ryan W., Attorney

“The closer was fantastic.”

– Brandon M., Agent

“Landtrust Title always does an excellent job, beginning to end!”

– Carolyn S., Agent

“Closer was so polite and professional. The office was beautiful and had everything we needed.”

– Ricardo C., Agent

“Shameka was a wonderful closer and made the closing go very smoothly.”

– Paul B., Attorney

“Super service.”

– Paul B., Attorney

“Candace was great, always professional, friendly, very thorough and gets the job done, my clients were very happy with everything and they love their new home, thank you!”

– Sonya M., Agent

“Closer was professional, personable and informative.”

– Terrance L., Attorney

“Very smooth closing – great job. Thank you!”

– Angela T., Agent

“Your staff was very friendly, professional, and quick to respond. I was surprised to have received the owner’s policy and deed in only 8 days. That may be a record.”

– Jean M., Attorney

“Quick and seamless close. Very nice office and building. Staff was very professional.”

– Kellee K., Agent

“Everyone I worked with was patient and knowledgeable.”

– Jill H., Agent

“Smooth from start to finish.”

– Michelle V., Agent

“Professional, timely and accurate!”

– Dianne A., Agent

“Everything went smooth.”

– Eric S., Agent

“I would like to voice my appreciation for my closer, Shameka. Shameka went far beyond what is expected in facilitating the close of this recent file. She investigated email addresses in reaching a past title company to clear an unclosed mortgage on the title history. She is an outstanding employee who goes above and beyond in pursuit of her customer’s satisfaction. I am glad you have her.”

– Mary S., Attorney

“Professional treatment and a smooth closing!”

– Sam G., Attorney

“Great service.”

– Paul B., Attorney

“Great experience, very smooth.”

Alex W., Agent

“Landtrust is always great to work with, they take care of everything timely and exceptionally well!”

Carolyn S., Agent

“Quick turnaround with requests.”

Sam G., Agent

“We had a great closing. Very fast and no issues.”

Mehdi B., Agent

“Closing was very smooth! Our closer was on top of everything and very persistent with making sure the lender was doing all that they needed to do to fund!”

Michael R., Attorney

“Extremely quick and efficient to close this almost immediately.”

Sandy E., Agent

“We closed on my clients home very quickly and easily. Everyone was very efficient and friendly.”

Elizabeth M., Agent

“Full service at all locations.”

Robert A., Agent

“Everyone worked diligently to ensure a smooth closing! So grateful!”

Deborah J., Agent


Mario H., Agent

“Efficient staff and comfortable conference rooms.”

Michelle M., Agent

“Great working with Carmen.”

Libby P., Attorney

“Excellent team to get us to the closing table! Highly recommend.”

Rochelle G., Agent

“Everything was done in a timely manner. Communication was great and everyone was pleasant to work with.”

Tiffany G., Agent

“The closing was handled very professionally by Candy the closer. She explained everything to the buyer as she went though the docs.”

Christal H., Agent

“Very professional and knowledgeable staff, quick responses, great effects.”

Katarzyna S., Agent

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