Automated Seller Closing Statement

Reduced effort. Improved accuracy.

The new and streamlined way for Seller Closing Statements.

Landtrust is pleased to introduce our automated Seller Closing Statement. Now, 50% or more of the information is pre-populated in a standardized form – saving attorneys time while reducing errors and manual calculations.

The Old Way

The attorney would receive the seller documents and use their own process for the Seller Closing Statement.

  • You had to figure your own tax prorations.
  • You had to type in your title fees
  • You had to enter all pertinent information (buyer, seller, final #’s, etc.)
  • You had to go back-and-forth with the coordinator as things came to mind or new information that came for you
  • Many items were forgotten and rarely was the statement complete

End result: wasted time and effort, manual calculations, inaccurate statement.

The New Way

Attorney receives an automated and pre-populated Seller Closing Statement

  • The entire process is now standardized and streamlined.
  • We input, populate and calculate 50% or more of the information, including:
    • Tax prorations for the current year
    • Title fees
    • All pertinent information (buyer, seller, final #’s, closing date, etc.)
  • All calculations are made automatically as the attorney inputs their data

End result: a time savings of 50% or more, automated calculations, accurate statement

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