Title Insurance and New Construction: Addressing Unique Challenges for Professionals

Today’s real estate landscape is continually evolving, with new construction projects shaping skylines and creating new communities.  For title insurance professionals, ensuring a smooth and secure process amidst these complexities is the key to success. Projects involving vacant land or properties without prior ownership records require in-depth research, risk evaluation, and clear communication among … Read More

The Evolution of Title Insurance: From Past to Present and What Lies Ahead

The evolution of title insurance in the United States has been nothing short of a transformative saga.  At Landtrust Title Services, we take pride in not only safeguarding your property transactions but also in understanding the interesting history that has shaped this essential facet of buying and selling real estate.  Let’s embark on a … Read More

Breaking Down the Title Commitment: What Each Section Means for Your Clients

In the complicated world of real estate transactions, a title commitment holds immense importance. Understanding the nuances of this critical document will help you educate your clients and ensure a smoother, less stressful closing process.  While the commitment letter may seem filled with boilerplate language and legal jargon, it contains crucial information that helps … Read More

Title Insurance and Co-op Transactions: Key Considerations for Real Estate Professionals

Whether they are representing buyers or sellers, savvy brokers are well aware of the myriad challenges that can arise during the course of a buyer’s journey to homeownership, especially when it involves the unique circumstances of housing cooperatives. A co-op is an increasingly popular permanent residential housing option that is “essentially a financial nonprofit … Read More

Title Insurance and Inherited Properties: Overcoming Title Challenges in Probate Sales

When an individual passes away, their assets are distributed through their will or via probate — the court-supervised process for administering a deceased person’s estate. One test that can arise when dealing with inherited real estate is a tangled title. Title issues can create unexpected roadblocks, especially in probate sales. In these situations, understanding … Read More

Understanding Title Searches: How They Benefit Real Estate Transactions

In the complex world of real estate transactions, the significance of a clear and marketable title cannot be overstated.  Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned real estate investor, every commercial and residential property transaction should undergo a thorough title search. This crucial step verifies that the seller has full legal rights to … Read More

What’s NOT Covered by Your Title Insurance Policy

Buying a home is likely one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make, and investing in title insurance is a key part of the home-buying process. It provides a defense against claims that could affect your legal ownership of the property or cost a lot of money to rectify.  While title insurance is extremely … Read More

Title Insurance Claims: How to Navigate the Process and Protect Your Clients’ Interests

In this ever-changing real estate market, industry professionals face unique challenges, uncertainties, and opportunities. As Chicagoland and the Upper Midwest continue to hold their allure for investors and homebuyers, incidences of title theft, real estate fraud, and wire scams are increasing.  Being aware of these potential pitfalls and safeguarding your clients’ interests is of … Read More

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