6 Home Maintenance Essentials Just in time for Spring

As the winter loses its grip on the Midwest and the weather warms up, it’s a great time to take care of some basic home maintenance tasks. From spring cleaning to checking for damage from harsh winter weather, here are some helpful spring home maintenance tips.

1. Check Your Smoke Detectors

The change of seasons can be a good reminder to check your smoke detectors. The DIY Network recommends testing each smoke detector in your home to be sure they are still in working order (there is usually a test button on each unit). This is also a good time to replace the batteries in each unit, if needed.

2. Clean the Dryer Vent

A clogged dryer vent can be a significant fire hazard. To clean it, the DIY Network says you should disconnect the vent (usually a hose and cover) and clean them with a brush. You’ll also want to remove the vent cover on the outside of the house and use the brush to remove lint from that as well. You can also call a professional to clean the vent if you prefer.

3. service the Air Conditioner

Once the weather has warmed up enough, considered having your air conditioning unit cleaned and serviced by a professional. American Home Shield (AHS) recommends doing this around a month before you’ll likely want to be using the air conditioner regularly.

4. Clean the Gutters

If gutters are clogged, the water can backup and potentially damage your home. It’s a good time to clean any debris, such as leaves or sticks, from your gutters and downspouts, says AHS. While you’re doing this, check that the gutters are not loose or leaking and make sure downspouts point away from the foundation. You may want to hire a professional for these tasks.

5. Check the Roof

After a long winter with snow, ice and wind, recommends checking your roof for damage. From the ground, look at the roof for any missing shingles, shingles that have shifted or cracked and any nails that are popping out. (Binoculars can be helpful for this task, says If you see any of these issues, you’ll want to have them repaired to help avoid any leaks or additional damage.

6. Spring Cleaning

As we open windows on warmer days, it is a great time to get fresh air in the house and dust and allergens out. recommends taking care of those “once in a while” home cleaning jobs. Dust chair rails, cabinet tops and ceiling fan blades. Use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum and go over furniture and mattresses. You may also want to shampoo your carpets. In the kitchen, wipe down cabinet fronts and backsplashes, says

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