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For many of us, the title search and insurance process may be an afterthought. As real estate agents, lawyers, or homebuyers, title companies can seem interchangeable, equally capable of carrying out the title search, insurance, and closing process. After all, if the closing gets done, do the little things matter that much?

The answer, as we’ve discovered at Landtrust Title, is that the little things matter a whole lot. Real estate is first and foremost a relationships business — after all, homebuyers who have a great experience buying their first home tend to return to the same agent who found that first home when it comes time to upgrade. For agents and attorneys, part of providing a great client experience is choosing the right partners for your clients to work with. After all, if something goes wrong on closing day, your client isn’t going to remember the weeks or months you spent finding them the perfect new home.

We know that your clients will remember the day they got the keys to their new place for years to come — we want to transform the closing and title process beyond just a transaction and truly go above and beyond to fulfill our purpose: securing real estate dreams one closing at a time. 

We have your back! Landtrust is your partner to create a smooth closing experience and memorable moments at closing. We are customer obsessed, and we’ll never forget that your clients are more than a number to you, so they’ll be more than a number to us.

As part of our constant quest to improve, we are raising the bar to go above and beyond to make sure we are your clear choice in the title business. From easy to manage systems to holding earnest money, to our seller and buyer net sheet tools, to our suite of post-closing tools that help you stay connected to your clients, we’re here to support your client relationships every step of the way.

To that end, we’re transforming every part of the customer experience. Every Landtrust employee has a dedication to superior customer interactions in all of our transactions and will close property transfers accurately, and in a timely, polite manner. No matter which of our talented employees is working on your client’s deal, you’ll be secure in the knowledge that the service you and your clients receive will exceed your expectations. 

As part of Landtrust Title’s new and improved customer experience, you can expect every one of your Landtrust partners to: 

  • Elevate the customer experience. Our dedicated team is carefully trained to live up to our rigorous standards, on every call, and in every interaction. 
  • Get back to you quickly — we won’t take more than 24 hours to return a phone call, and you’ll never feel like your deal has been left hanging. 
  • Offer a single point of contact in your transactions. Although any of our talented team members can handle any task, we’ll ensure that you’ve got a consistent point of contact from contract to close — someone who will understand the specifics of your deal and who will be able to provide you with quick, efficient service.
  • Incorporate our core set of standards into every customer interaction. You, and your clients, are our most important value. You’re not just a number, and you can expect every client interaction, no matter how brief, to meet our rigorous standards.
  • Build our values into our recruiting and onboarding process. You can expect consistency and excellence from every one of our representatives, starting on day one.

At Landtrust, we know that every deal is different, and no one has all the answers. But you can trust that our team will work with you to resolve any issues, diligently resolve any problems, and make you, and your clients, feel supported and appreciated at every step in the process. Accountability is our watchword — we’ll make sure that every task receives appropriate follow-up, and there’s no scrambling on closing day. 

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Ready to learn more about how Landtrust Title’s customer-obsessed dedication can work for you? We’re ready to answer them!Landtrust Title was established to fulfill the growing need for partnerships that provide higher service standards and growth opportunities in the title insurance and escrow services industry. At Landtrust, we’re different. We’re customer-obsessed and strive to focus on what you need from start to finish. We strive to deliver service excellence for every real estate transaction. Contact us today at [email protected] or by phone at 312.528.9210 to get answers to all of your questions.

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