Being a Dependable Resource For Your Clients

As the coronavirus situation continues to escalate, the appropriateness of face-to-face contact with clients has become dicey at best, and should most likely just be avoided at this time. What can be done with newfound work from home time? This could be an office distraction free time to focus on building relationships and prospecting by positioning yourself as a relevant resource.

Nothing about our current situation has been “business as usual,” so messaging that reflects you’re prepared and still equipped to help clients through trying times could make a big difference later. Become and position yourself as the expert on current legislation, bills and industry procedures. A campaign that acknowledges the unique challenges potential clients may be facing amidst this crisis and possible solutions could get some attention — and get you a few calls. Craft your message and distribute it through whichever methods are generating your best return such as mailers, email or social media ads – just be cautious of timing on traditional mail as details may change daily.

In terms of maintaining existing relationships, visiting clients in person to show appreciation may be out of the question, but sending a handwritten note or sending a video directly to them could still create that personal touch. Confinement has changed our need for seeing a friendly face so a quick personalized video is a solution to stay connected. A great resource for sending videos through email is

Unfortunately, social distancing puts most direct client touch points out of the question for now, such as breakfasts and lunches, client appreciation events, or even stopping by and dropping off a token of gratitude. But sending a personal note or video that informs and wishes your contacts well in these trying times shouldn’t hurt. Even if you hear nothing back, rest assured that reaching out in times of large-scale societal crises will make a positive impression — as long as you keep the focus on your relationship and not solely on business, which could be taken as inappropriate. Then, when things start looking up for their business, you’ll have positioned yourself to be the attorney they go to in a pinch.

Stay safe and be well.

~ The Landtrust Team

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