Commercial Title Done Differently

Commercial real estate transactions can be more complex than residential sales in several ways. Larger transaction sale amounts, increased title search times and complex valuation issues all require a specialized team to ensure the transaction goes smoothly. We sat down with commercial real estate attorney, Mark Lenz, an attorney at Fisher Cohen Waldman Shapiro LLP to learn more about the intricacies that can arise with commercial real estate transactions and to learn more about how Landtrust’s team of experts deliver the personalized service that’s necessary to close commercial real estate deals.

even small transactions can be complex

Attorney Mark Lenz came to us with a particularly complex transaction involving his client’s property located in Bayfield County, Wisconsin. Mark and his clients were not only concerned about the accuracy of the legal description for the property, but it appeared that Mark’s clients may have property rights in neighboring parcels. Mark needed to have a clear understanding of all of the issues regarding the property. He knew he needed a title company with a focused, personalized level of service and experience willing to ‘dig into the details’ and get the deal done.

careful attention to detail wins the day

Mark had initially contacted a “larger title company” with this transaction but was dissatisfied with the lack of attention and responsiveness he needed to resolve the intricacies of this deal. So Mark brought the deal to Landtrust. 

Mark worked directly with Kim Fields, Landtrust Vice President of Title Operations, to get the kind of service he was missing from larger title insurance providers. Kim immediately ordered 40 years of parcel records for his client’s property as well as neighboring parcels. Bringing her experience as an attorney to the table, Kim worked alongside Mark to review all the records, and Mark and she concluded that his clients did not in fact have any property rights in neighboring properties. Kim helped to create an accurate legal description of his client’s property to ensure Mark had everything he needed to close the deal. 


Coming to Landtrust put Mark in direct contact with experienced title attorneys and commercial underwriters who were 100% committed to his success. Landtrust took the time to understand the intricacies of Mark’s deal and delivered the responsiveness and attention that helped him close the deal. The careful attention and time that Kim put into the deal paid off. The deal closed and Mark and his clients were greatly appreciative of Kim’s efforts and professionalism. 

Mark summarized his experience with Landtrust this way. “Kim was so patient with me and was willing to focus on all of the details related to the transaction. Landtrust has the right people “in the trenches”, and I appreciate their attentiveness in the smaller deals. Most larger underwriters are not built for this type of relationship. Now I trust the entire Landtrust team in these smaller deals and I will be bringing more deals to Landtrust in the future.”

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