Fraud Watch: 8 Tips to Prevent Wire Fraud

Buying a home is one of the most important purchases of your client’s life. You can help protect them from wire fraud by working with a title company that gives you control over your transaction.

It is important to be on the offense to defend against fraud by communicating with your client upfront. Most buyers do not have an understanding of the wire process. Make your client aware of the wire process and identify what to look for and preventative measures to detract cyber criminals from infiltrating the transaction. When you or your client come across any suspicious financial requests, contact Landtrust Title immediately for verification of the request before providing any information. Landtrust Title has a Rapid Response Plan for fraudulent activities that may take place during the real estate transaction.


Beware of a customer who is making requests for financial arrangements outside the norm.

Question any situation where a client is requesting secrecy or rushing the transaction.

Use the highest security available for your computer and email accounts.

It is not normal for last minute or unexplained changes to wire instructions.

Your client should always pick up the phone to verify new or last minute instructions for transfer of funds.

Investigate oddities: different email address, an oddly worded request, or anything that appears different with the transaction.

Let your client know that you will never send them wire instructions via email.

Provide your clients useful resources that will educate them about the process.


Wire transfer instructions should only be given to you in-person, via the website or over the phone — never wire funds using instructions from a regular email or instructions that were changed during the process. Always confirm instructions with a Landtrust Title employee before wiring money.

Landtrust Title has your back and takes every precaution to ensure there is no room for wire fraud scammers in your transaction.

Gain your clients’ trust by trusting in Landtrust.

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