How Real Estate Agents Can Prevent Title Insurance Hiccups

Experienced real estate agents know that the homebuying process can be overwhelming for their clients, especially if it’s their first time. 

They can become frustrated and confused with endless documentation requirements, unexpected closing costs, and unfamiliar concepts like title insurance

As the main advisor to prospective homeowners, you are in the perfect position to help them understand the complexities of this journey and ensure they have all the facts about potential wire fraud, financial losses due to title defects, and increasingly common cybercrimes. 

Educating your clients about every element of the closing process, title settlement, and other critical aspects of buying a home is vital. This will prevent hiccups, build trust and loyalty, and generate valuable leads.

Maximize Your Research

Today’s brokers and real estate professionals have a multitude of tools for discovering everything there is to know about the market in general and the available properties in their area.

Staying ahead of the game means doing your homework. Price trends, new developments, infrastructure updates, local history, and the latest community news should all be part of your continuing education. 

The pandemic hastened the ongoing digital transformation and now new technology is putting ever-growing amounts of effective data in the palm of your hands. Having to dig through musty paper files or spend hours on the phone is becoming a thing of the past.

In a market where inventory is relatively low, it’s essential to do a deep dive into any and all records of the properties in your area as soon as they have the potential to become available. 

Finding potential problems and red flags now will help you avoid unhappy buyers later.

With just a few clicks, you’re able to explore property deeds, tax assessments, archival materials and photos, school district reports, and more — knowledge that will give your business a competitive edge. 

Another great method of gleaning highly useful information is to nurture open and honest relationships with your network. Your ecosystem of brokers, lenders, attorneys, title insurance experts, and other thought leaders will help you provide the best possible home buying experience for your clients.

Share your Knowledge

Your average hopeful homeowner is probably not familiar with how title clearance and insurance work, so it’s up to you and your team to walk them through this and every part of the closing process.

There are many reasons why everyone who purchases property should be covered by a title insurance policy. It protects homeowners against survey and documentation errors, future claims by unknown heirs, liens filed after the title search, and other problems that could arise after the final paperwork is signed. 

It’s crucial to work with a trustworthy and well-respected real estate team. A skilled title partner is especially necessary when it comes to ensuring your buyers don’t face issues like wire fraud, forgery, or delays due to a cloud on title or other encumbrance.

Communicating with your buyers early and often is the key to adding value and finding success.

Make sure you’re in complete alignment with the loan officer, real estate attorney, and title company agent so you can prepare your clients for what will happen at closing. Homebuyers who know exactly what to expect during this stressful time will have a much better experience.

Deliver Exemplary Service

As every real estate professional learns, this industry is not for the faint of heart. Brokers often have to wear many hats in the pursuit of client servicing and business development.

But you can ensure you have an advantage over other REALTORS by learning everything you can about your market, your target audience, and the properties you work with.

No agent or attorney ever wants to tell their clients that the deal on their dream home fell through. Partnering with a customer-obsessed organization like Landtrust Title Services helps ensure that you can prevent any hiccups and deliver on your promises. 
If you’re ready to learn more about how we can help you produce real results, reach out today!

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