The Importance of Land Surveys for New Build Buyers

No one gets excited about a property survey, but they’re vital for protecting buyers from possible legal and financial issues down the line. A survey is a necessary tool for every potential homeowner. It’s a detailed map or diagram of a property that shows exactly where the boundaries are, the location of improvements such … Read More

What Is a Junior Lien?

As a busy real estate professional, you should expect the unexpected when it comes to client questions. You’re the subject matter expert for your customers, and they depend on you to offer guidance and advice on a wide range of topics. Many people have heard of a “second mortgage,” but they may not know … Read More

Avoiding Burnout as a Top Real Estate Broker

Brokers are some of the busiest and hardest-working professionals in the real estate industry. Sourcing inventory, negotiating deals, client servicing, and handling a multitude of administrative and lead generation tasks can be incredibly rewarding, but this frenzied pace can also lead to burnout if you’re not careful.  The concept of work/life balance is a … Read More

Historic Homes: What Every Real Estate Pro Should Know

Many people dream of owning a historic home, especially in Chicago and the surrounding communities. Known as the “architecture capital of the world,” the area offers many different vintage home styles, such as Second Empire, Workers Cottage, Victorian, and Greystone. Madison, Milwaukee, and other areas of Wisconsin are also becoming more popular with prospective … Read More

The 2023 Spring Real Estate Market is Here

Cities of the upper Midwest continue to enjoy a thriving real estate landscape, even as the rest of the country faces the worst market slowdown since 2011.  The spring 2023 housing market in Chicagoland and Wisconsin is expected to be a busy time for area brokers. With the US economy still recovering from the … Read More

How Real Estate Agents Can Improve Workflows for a Better Client Experience

To forge a successful path in the world of real estate, agents need to wear many hats and juggle a wide variety of tasks, from marketing and networking to in-depth market research and intense negotiations. However, the most important aspect of this business is attracting new clients and keeping your current ones engaged. It’s … Read More

Guiding First Time Home Buyers as a Real Estate Professional

Helping first-time buyers navigate the complexities of purchasing the perfect home is one of the most fulfilling aspects of being a real estate professional.  You are your client’s most precious resource when it comes to sourcing listings, exploring their various financing options, and negotiating the best deal. Your local expertise and market knowledge will … Read More

How to Help Your Real Estate Clients Get the Best Deal

The best way to attract and retain clients is by delivering consistent value. People love getting a great deal, whether they’re buying or selling, and they adore telling their friends and family about it.  Top real estate agents also feel a responsibility toward their clients. They’re dedicated to helping them discover the perfect property, … Read More

2023 Real Estate Market Outlook

While some pundits are all doom and gloom about what the coming year holds for the national real estate industry, the outlook for Chicagoland, Wisconsin, and the Midwest, in general, is much sunnier.  As the Fed continues to raise interest rates hoping to stanch inflation, “smart buyers will take advantage of weakening prices as … Read More

Cutting Edge Business Development Strategies for Real Estate Agents

One of the most exhilarating aspects of becoming a real estate professional is how the industry is constantly evolving. Previous conventional wisdom on the most effective ways to generate leads becomes obsolete as technology regularly offers new channels for extending your reach. While certain approaches such as open houses, networking events, and a good … Read More

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